New Year's Resolution #1

Dec 23, 2007

Experience fewer flight delays this year. (Of course, this requires the cooperation of the airlines and the weather.)

My final flight of the year was scheduled to leave Seattle at 11:00 AM. We didn't leave till 12:45 PM. Which would mean that my connecting flight would be arriving in Austin about the time I touched down in Dallas. The only good news was that my connection at DFW was delayed three hours - so I didn't miss my only way home. Thank God for small favors.

This comedy of errors and weather has been consistent for me ALL FREAKING YEAR! I cannot remember the last time any of my flights departed or arrived on schedule.

It all started in February when the snow and ice delayed my flight so severely that Handsome and I had to miss our connection to Maui (!!!!!) and spend 8 hours in LAX - which is quite possibly the worst airport on the planet. We lost a whole day of swimming and sunbathing. Wah!

Then in April, the security line was so long in Sea-Tac that I actually missed my flight to Austin. By about 1 minute. The plane was still parked at the gate, still attached to the building. But they had only just closed the door and refused to let me on. I actually cried right there at the airport in front of God and everyone.

At Thanksgiving, my connection was so tight that I had to hijack a golf cart for the 10 minute drive (the walk would have taken half an hour). The nice lady dropped me off at my gate as they announced the final boarding call. Then we sat on the tarmac for two hours. Houston was experiencing lightening storms and the whole airport was shut down. But at least I was on that plane!

Every single flight to anywhere outside the state of Washington included a 1-2 hour delay. Weather, mechanical problems, more weather, security checks, so many problems. It just wasn't my year for air travel.

But, I'm hoping 2008 will be better. Here's hoping the universe cooperates with my resolution.

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