Well, That Was Strange

Dec 11, 2007

I created a MySpace page to stay in touch with some friends. It's pretty basic, nothing special. I haven't customized like I have this site. Mostly, it's just a way to connect with some people I love who don't visit over here.

Anyway, on MySpace (for those of you as techno-illiterate as me) you can ask to be someone's friend and others can ask to be your friend. I'm getting requests from people I didn't even know existed. And it's not like I put in any specific information about myself - just my location, that I'm married, and a link to this blog.

A Jimmy-Buffet-esque band in Austin wants to be my friend. A woman in California (with even less info on her page than I have) wants to be my friend. A guy selling pharmaceuticals wants to be my friend. Who are these people?!?!

Note: Now they'll probably drop by this blog, see that I've mocked them, and NOT want to be my friend. That's probably not such a bad thing, really.

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