Bowler's Elbow

Jan 3, 2008

I kid you not. After our team training meeting today, we all went out to one of those "every distraction you can imagine" entertainment warehouses where we were able to indulge in unlimited pool, video games, miniature golf, and after 7:30 - bowling!

Now you may not know this about me, but I really enjoy bowling. Especially with a group of very good friends who enjoy the "sport." Especially after a couple drinks. That's when things get really funny.

My foursome was sober, unlike some of the groups around us, but you wouldn't have known from watching. Top score all night was 112, and he even had a couple very lucky strikes. And there were several times when I fell right on my @$$! I broke two nails, got a blister on my big toe, and a serious case of bowler's elbow to prove my prowess.

In the final game, I made my first strike . . . while talking on the phone with Handsome and paying only half-attention to what I was doing. I cannot believe I took a semester of bowling in college, spent countless hours at the lanes as a teenager, but still managed to bowl as poorly as I did. What a blast!

1 Response to "Bowler's Elbow"

Leah Says:

A while back, Ronnie's employer took us to the Main Event. A place near our high school that has lots of fun stuff, like the place you're talking about here.
Anyway, we only got to bowl half a game, but I did fairly well. I even have that great bowlers kick when rolling the ball! Looked just like Dad, only as a righty! I was very proud of my bowling prowess that evening. I probably wont ever be that proud of my bowling skills again.
If we go to the main event again, I think I'll play pool!