Hello and Welcome to 2008

Jan 1, 2008

We started off the New Year in fine style with a four-course dinner at the Four Seasons, watching the fireworks near Congress Street Bridge, and enjoying an excellent champagne at home to cap off the evening. We stayed up late celebrating and slept in far too late this morning. But, what a great time we had.

The table next to us was a group of four from Corpus Christi, who included us in some of their revelry. And I think we ended up in several of their photographs. Some day in the future, they're going to look at one of those pictures and wonder what the heck they were drinking back in 2007 and who the heck those people we have our arms around are.

Just a friendly reminder never to underestimate the power of new year festivities in the friend-making process.

So, here's a glass raised to all of you. May you each have a healthy and prosperous 2008, and may you find fast friends in unexpected places. Cheers!

1 Response to "Hello and Welcome to 2008"

Leah Says:

Happy New Year. Ultrasound this morning shows its definately a girl!