New Year's Resolution #2

Jan 7, 2008

Since the first resolution didn't seem to work (my flight yesterday was delayed more than two hours), I have a new resolution.

Stop sitting next to annoyingly gregarious and/or drunk and/or loud people, especially those who do not understand the universal "I don't want to talk on this flight" signal - an open book.

That happened to me last evening. She was loud and pushy and insisted the three of us be Best Friends Forever and talk about everything that crossed her drunken mind. Including how she's a "major lesbian, not that I'm hitting on you." And every time I returned to reading my book, she would bang her elbow into my arm, demanding I "pay attention!" to her inane blabbering.

I kid you not.

To the angel of airline seat assignments: Please don't do that to me again. Please.

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