The Far Side

Jun 6, 2008

Nine goats chased a horse across a field of rolling hills. The horse was wearing blinders.

A wild turkey raced across the road in front of my speeding car. Thirty minutes and twenty-three miles later, another one did. Ten minutes and two-point-five miles later, two partridges waddled, quickly, across a narrow two-lane country road, braving a horrific road-kill death. Today was a good day to join the gang.

A blackbird hovered over my head for the entire stretch of pavement between the school district office and my car. I tried to throw it off by switching direction, running, walking slower. Still the low-flying torpedo-bird stalked me. Somehow, I made it out unmarked. Barely.

All in a day's work.

2 Response to "The Far Side"

Anonymous Says:

What an unpheasant day!

Did you throw a Poultry Party!!!

knighton Says:


You crack me up!!!!