Vocabulary Lessons

Jun 8, 2008

Many years ago, Handsome was driving us through the Central Texas night while I dozed in the passenger seat. He had the radio on, when the DJ played a new song. The singer sounded familiar, reminding me that our favorite band was on indefinite hiatus. And then, the singer blared, "I don't mean to be so nihilistic."

I sat straight up. "Only Rush could use the word "nihilistic" in a song and pull it off." Handsome nearly jumped out of his seat, having assumed I was in a dead sleep.

To our simultaneous delight and dismay, the DJ announced the song was from Geddy Lee's solo effort, My Favorite Headache. Mr. Lee and the third member of the Rush trio, in the absence of their drummer/lyricist, had begun to produce independent albums. No one knew when or if Neil Peart would return to the band. No one knew if there was still a band.

Two years later, to much anticipation and the delight of fans, Rush returned. And a week ago, we saw them live in concert at the Gorge. It seemed like ages ago that we hoped beyond hope that they'd play again, and we were not disappointed.

To that end, I'm adding a new category to this blog. Vocabulary lessons pulled from Rush songs. Because really . . . nihilistic? In a song? You can learn a thing or two from these guys. ;-)

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