Frog & Toad Sell Computers

Jun 24, 2008

Saturday morning, I woke up with a head cold. The dreaded summer cold. Which totally sucks.

So, I spent most of my weekend in a drug-induced, sleep-deprived haze. Yesterday, I took two (count 'em) naps! I never nap.

So, today, we're at that hacking-cough-that-shreds-the-vocal-chords stage, wherein everyone I talk to tells me to get some orange juice and some rest. And "shouldn't you be in bed somewhere?" Etcetera.

Perfect way to end the fiscal quarter: as a saleswoman with a frog in her throat.

1 Response to "Frog & Toad Sell Computers"

Anonymous Says:

echinacea and goldenseal complex. 4 capsules. 3 times a day.
clear you right up with no drug side effects.