T Minus Six Days and Counting

Jun 25, 2008

On Tuesday, July 1, I'll take my final flight out of Sea-Tac airport on my way home. I've taken a job that will keep me in Austin most of the time.


We couldn't be happier about the change, and while I'll miss some of the perks - the travel, the car, the freedom of not being tied to an office - I'll be able to enjoy the pleasures of being home with Handsome every day, having regular office hours, and not sleeping in strange hotels in strange little towns. Not a bad trade.

In them meantime, I'm working diligently to close out the fiscal quarter well, while simultaneously packing and moving. Crazy, happy days.

3 Response to "T Minus Six Days and Counting"

Jeff Says:


Congrats - is it still with the big white fruit?

knighton Says:

Thanks! And, yes, same fruit company.