Word to the Wise

Jul 31, 2008

When I was a girl, my grandmother often said, "never talk about politics or religion. Stick to the weather and your health." And as a child, I didn't know much about politics, or religion for that matter. The weather was always sunny and my health was fine. Mostly I talked about imaginary friends* and breakfast cereal.**

But now, as an adult in a wildly diverse office environment, I appreciate more and more her honest advice. Don't talk about politics or religion in polite company. . . unless you want to see what impolite company looks like.

Side notes:

*I had an imaginary friend until I was seven. His name was George, he was 6 inches tall, and he could fly. He got me in a lot of trouble.

**I was so fond of Cookie Crisp cereal that the child-bite-sized cookies made an appearance on a Cookie Monster birthday cake. That was a great birthday party.

1 Response to "Word to the Wise"

Anonymous Says:

I don't remember ever getting character cakes for my birthday!
That advice goes double for neighbors. Oh my!