Aug 27, 2008

Handsome and I have noticed a disturbing trend among our married Christian friends and acquaintances. They all seem to be separating and/or divorcing. Most of these couples have been married for years, many have children, and almost all of them have held positions of leadership within their churches.

What the heck is going on?

While one's faith does not magically divorce-proof one's marriage, it IS supposed to inform one's worldview. If marriage is established by God as a lifetime commitment through better and worse (excepting adultery and abuse), then divorce is not an option. How (and when) did divorce become the antidote to disappointment, frustration, or boredom?

If the Christian community at large so willing rejects one of our fundamental beliefs - the foundation of family - then we really can't complain when the secular community tries to redefine marriage. Without a compass, what else would a lost man or woman do?

**Update: United States Divorce Statistics, Religious:

33% of All Adults have been divorced at least once
32% of Born Again Christians have been divorced at least once
38% of Members of Non-Christians Faiths have been divorced at least once
30% of Atheist or Agnostics have been divorced at least once

Source: The Barna Group, 2008 Marriage and Divorce Statistics

1 Response to "Perplexing"

Anonymous Says:

And yet, it is sooo easy to run from our problems. Facing them is the most difficult thing to do, so we often bury our pain until its too late.
It is a sad fact that more christians divorce than non-christians.
We have lost our way as a church it seems, we must rely on God alone.