Please, I'm Begging You . . .

Aug 29, 2008

. . . please don't cut your fingernails at the office. That's pretty gross. And the clip-pause-clip-pause-clip sounds are making your friendly neighborhood neurotic even more insane than she already is.

3 Response to "Please, I'm Begging You . . ."

momarewethereyet Says:

I clip my nails at the office.

No, wait, I live here!


Dejanara Says:

It could be worse ... they could be gnawing a greasy sandwich while tapping a pen/pencil in between typing AND clipping their toenails. But I agree, totally ICK!

knighton Says:

or not gnawing the last bits of their sandwich. Which is sitting on their desk smelling up the place. Smelling it up like onions.