Wedding Mass

Jan 20, 2009

After the giving of the bride, after the scripture readings, and before the exchanging of rings and vows, there was the homily. Complete with special chairs for the wedding party. Right up front. A few moments for the priest to give the lucky couple some advice.* Good advice for the entire congregation, actually.

He said, "the two most important behaviors in a marriage, beyond your commitment to God, are faithfulness and patience. For when the passion fades, as it sometimes will, patience will get you through. When the grass dries up and turns brown in the heat of a Texas summer, you don't dig up your yard to fix it. You wait, patiently, for the season to change. Because you know that it'll be green and lush in another month or so. Marriage is the same. So be faithful. And more importantly, be patient. Patience, gentleness, kindness, and just plain good manners will sustain you."

Reminds me how blessed I am to have married The Handsome One.

*There is something reassuring about the priest having a public "sit-down" with a young couple embarking on marriage.

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