That One Time She Didn't Freak Out

Apr 22, 2009

On a walk with Handsome a couple nights ago, I spotted a squirmy brown thing on the sidewalk:

Me: "Hey, look at that big earth worm!" So, I reach down. And pause. "Maybe it's a snake. What do you think?"

Then I poked it. And it squiggled and wiggled and squirmed away into the grass.

Handsome: "That was a snake. You know that right?"

Me: "Hey! I didn't freak out! I touched a snake, and I didn't freak out!!!" Hippity-hopping down the sidewalk.

Handsome: "Doesn't count. You thought it was a worm. And besides, it was a really tiny."

Me: "It totally counts." *pout*

Handsome: "You're cute when you're trying not to freak out."

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