Jul 25, 2009

Tea & Toast. But not any ordinary tea and toast. English Breakfast Tea, brewed strong and dark and served with cream. And whole wheat toast, buttered and topped with bread & butter pickles.

Pickles. Second only to the best bread & butter pickles on the planet. I'm pretty sure I learned to enjoy these sweet delights on buttered toast from my Dad. And if memory serves, he and I could eat an entire jar all on our own. In one sitting.

My grandmother made the absolute best bread & butter pickles ever. Cut thick and packed into a little pint-sized Mason or Bell jar. The ones I enjoyed this morning were not hers, sadly. But they were made by someone's grandmother, sold a the local Farmer's Market. Unbelievable thinly sliced, light on the sugar, heavy on the celery seed. Good, but not quite perfect.

Nonetheless, a tasty way to start the day.

Love you, Dad. Hope you had a happy birthday and wished we could have shared a meal this morning. Mwah!

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