Enough Already!

Jul 8, 2009

For the past week I have consciously avoided any and all news outlets in silent protest of the non-stop eulogizing of some washed-up drug-addicted pedophile pop star whose family and friends and fans don't have the decency for a quiet, private memorial service. In death, as in life, the hangers-on and users are doing their best (or perhaps worst?) to profit from this man's fame. It's a three-ring circus complete with clowns and trained poodles.

And this I learned: idolatry comes in all shapes and sizes. In my righteous indignation, I say "look at me, I'm not like those crazed fans begging for tickets (!) to a funeral. I'm not like them. I don't worship any musician."

Oh, but I might indeed. Perhaps not musicians, but maybe politicians or business leaders or preachers or individuals with other talents I covet.


Yes, covet . . . idolize . . . admiration gone awry.

Handsome explained it thus: there is an art to dealing with others as equals. We are not equal due to some cosmic least common denominator; we're equal thanks to a divine greatest common denominator. The president, the CEO, the preacher, the pop star and me and you - we're all unique, exquisite creations of a loving God. We can deal with one another with humility and grace, rather than superiority or groveling.

And when we finally realize and internalize that lesson, we are set free from the trappings of idols.

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