Afternoon Snack

Aug 18, 2009

I keep a ziplock baggie of mixed nuts and dried fruit in my desk drawer. I like to create my own mix, using bulk nuts and fruit from the health-nut section of my local HEB. I really like that I can create any combination I want using unsalted, raw ingredients.

This week I'm enjoying almonds, pistachios, soy nuts, and dried cranberries. A couple weeks ago it was almonds, pecans, walnuts, and dried cranberries. (I really like dried cranberries. And soy nuts are super crunchy!)

What about you? What kind of trail mix do you create? What kind of afternoon snack keeps you going, or at least keeps your blood sugar and appetite under some semblance of control, lest you dive headfirst out the plate glass window bordering your office?

2 Response to "Afternoon Snack"

Leah Says:

This might be a great stocking stuffer this Christmas. Since Ethan can't have peanuts and most prepackaged trail mixes have peanuts.

knighton Says:

Yeah, great idea. Have to be careful that the nuts aren't processed with peanuts or peanut oil, though.