Midnight Barbeque

Aug 17, 2009

Starting the grill at 8pm will get you dinner at 10pm. Optimistically. Or, perhaps a little later if there are appetizers and piddling around in the kitchen.

This happens to me quite frequently, truth be told. Especially on the weekend, when Handsome and I want to party like rock stars. (Ha!)

And Saturday evening, I had this mad desire to invite over some friends for a really late dinner. Although I'm not sure anyone we know would be crazy enough to enjoy this kind of a meal with us.

What was on the grill, you ask?

Midnight Barbeque Menu #1: Split Chickens. Zucchini, Summer Squash, and Portobello Mushrooms. Cavatappi with Romano. Sebastiani Chardonnay. For dessert, cherries and Bailey's.

Midnight Barbeque Menu #2: Baby Back Ribs & Rib-eye Steak. Potato Salad. Okra and Tomatoes. Beringer Merlot. For dessert, black plums and Madeira.

2 Response to "Midnight Barbeque"

Anonymous Says:

Can you come cook for me?

knighton Says:

you like dinner at midnight?