Baptist Wine Club

Sep 11, 2009

You know who you are. Your parents are teetotalers (hi Mom!). You didn't see the inside of a liquor store till you were 25. Your first wine was a White Zinfandel.

Eventually, you learned a little more and tried Merlot. And behold, it was good!

And the, one day, you took a California vacation, including a trip trough The Wine Country. *insert chorus of angels here*

And you've never been the same since.

At least, I've never been the same since.

But one thing remains - the Baptist in you. (And me. Hi Mom!)

That conservative streak that refuses to pay more than $12 a bottle. Who still looks around to see if anyone you know from church is in the wine aisle at the grocery store. Who occasionally feels a little guilty stocking up on your favorite when it goes on sale. And who still enjoys a little frisson when you remember you're a good, little Baptist who isn't supposed to drink wine.

But drink wine you do! And you enjoy it, and so do I.

Therefore, please allow me to present the Baptist Wine Club. A new regular installment featuring inexpensive, easily available wines that I enjoy and that I think you might like as well. Unless you're still a teetotaler. (Hi Mom!)

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