Procrastinate Sauvignon Blanc (California 2006)

Sep 12, 2009

I picked up this surprising SB at HEB for only $9. I mean really, who can pass up a label like "Procrastinate?" Not this procrastinator, so I didn't. I bought it.

It helped that I was planning salmon with asparagus and rice for dinner, for which Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are my preferred selections. It also helped that the label describes its contents as "vibrantly aromatic" with "notes of lime and lemon grass . . . ruby grapefruit, peach and citrus peel . . . tangerines." Sounded perfect for dinner.

I was taken aback by the smooth, buttery mouth-feel and the balanced fruitiness, not things I'm accustomed to in a SB - which I usually find citrusy and crisp. And Handsome noticed a subtle yeastiness, which normally I avoid but works well for this wine.

It was good alone as I was preparing our meal and was pleasant with buttered French bread though it clashed rather severely with a half-wedge of Brie we were trying to finish up. I probably should have served the aged Provolone Picante hiding in the fridge instead - something to remember for next time. (Because really, who serves Brie with white wine?)

With dinner, the lemon grass and citrus peel flavors stood out making the wine taste more like what a Sauvignon Blanc normally tastes like. Crisp, cool, delicious, great with fish.

So yes, "vibrantly aromatic." Easy drinking. Inexpensive. A welcome addition to the wine list here at Chez Knighton.

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