The Strangest Feeling

Dec 4, 2009

Yesterday, I had my eyes dilated for the first time in my life.* And that is a seriously freaky experience, not even considering the light sensitivity. Which, by the way is pretty amazing. Especially when all the car headlights look like giant insect antennae and everything even remotely shiny at the store was catching my eye. Made for a slightly ADD experience, which isn't too different from normal. Just sparklier.

Anyway, what made it all really bizarre was the fact that my right eye dilated almost immediately, and my left eye took nearly half-an-hour to catch up. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "lazy eye." So, eyes dilated . . . nothing to see here . . . perfectly normal . . . blah blah blah. And we leave the eye doctor and go about our business with the assurance that my vision will be back to normal within in the next 3 hours, or there-abouts.**

And six hours pass. Left eye had returned to normal after those aforementioned three hours. (Who's lazy now, eh?) But that right eye was wide open. At nine o'clock at night. So, I walked around the house squinting that one eye in order to make out the details of the world around me. Because it was the middle of the night and without the squinting everything was SHINY! and BRIGHT!

Seriously freaky experience indeed.

*Yes, I know. I'm stubborn. And persuasive. I mean, do you know how much effort it takes to talk an optometrist out of dilating one's eyes, for nearly twenty years? I AM that good.

**"There-abouts" is a southern word meaning approximately. But you knew that already. You also know the meaning of "tump" and "sop" and "yorn."

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her Says:
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What She Says:

I only had my eyes dilated once when I was fourteen. Freaky, indeed.