Getting a Thrill from the Daily Grind

Jan 21, 2010

For Christmas, Handsome gave me a set of Peugeot U'Select variable salt and pepper grinders. Kinda like these. They have six (!) settings, ranging from super-fine to extra-course.

And just let me say that I have used these every single meal. And sometimes I lose myself in the smooth grinding action and smother our food in way too much seasoning. Though I think my husband kinda likes that part. The seasoning part, people! Come on!

Well, ok. You're right. I LOVE the smooth grinding action, the way the pepper or salt meets my exacting demands of size and consistency. Cooking in my kitchen will never be the same.

1 Response to "Getting a Thrill from the Daily Grind"

Leah Says:

Daily grind, lol, rotfl!