Trippin' Across Texas

Jan 27, 2010

Woke up this morning with Luckenbach, Texas running through my mind. Probably inspired by the beautiful drive Handsome and I took on Sunday - Dallas and back in a day.

There is nothing in this world quite so beautiful (to me) than this great state we live in. I could easily live in California or France or Hawaii or any Caribbean island, but my heart belongs to Texas. Through and through.

To a giant, majestic flag pulled taught in a strong west wind. To rolling plains where you can see for miles and miles to forever. To towering loblolly pines that obscure a brilliant blue sky. To seagulls and brown pelicans and kingfishers skirting the coast and floating on a sea breeze. To limestone cliffs and crags full of secrets. To rolling thunder and drenching, torrential storms. To fiery sunsets of crimson and flame and gold and rose smearing together across the sky into a thousand shades of indigo and violet. And to an entire galaxy of stars decorating the heavens.

I love this place.

3 Response to "Trippin' Across Texas"

Leah Says:

Best country in the world!

Anonymous Says:

That;s why God throwed a little of everything good in Texas so we wouldn't get board

knighton Says:

So true.