As If It Wasn't Already Bad Enough

May 14, 2010

There's this:

"The federal Minerals Management Service gave permission to BP and dozens of other oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico without first getting required permits from another agency that assesses threats to endangered species - and despite strong warnings from that agency about the impact the drilling was likely to have on the gulf.

Those approvals, federal records show, include one for the well drilled by the Deepwater Horizon rig, which exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers and resulting in thousands of barrels of oil spilling into the gulf each day."

Read the whole article.

11 families lost loved ones, thousands of families' livelihoods and businesses are threatened, and untold environmental damage has been inflicted resulting in loss of wildlife and habitats, not to mention the lost tourist dollars and the pollution of our beautiful beaches, all because some arrogant bureaucrat saw fit to approve this well (and others) without the required permits and without consideration of "strong warnings" against the projects.

This makes my blood boil!

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