Life List #38: Grow a Kitchen Garden

May 17, 2010

Ok, I don't know if I can really call tomatoes and herbs a kitchen garden.  Especially not when they're in pots on the patio.  But, for the sake of progress on The List, I'm going to count these five little plants as a garden.

I'm officially growing cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, parsley, and rosemary - the things I use most frequently in my kitchen.  So there.

Pictures forthcoming.

5 Response to "Life List #38: Grow a Kitchen Garden"

Jeff Says:

Lettuce is surprisingly easy to grow, too. And oregano.

knighton Says:

True. But space is a bit of an issue with lettuce, if I want to grow enough to actually eat. And we eat a LOT of lettuce at Chez Knighton.

We eat a lot of tomatoes, for that matter. It's really a token garden. ;-)

Leah Says:

I grow lettuce on the back porch. :D

Pammer Says:

And food. The food is forthcoming, right?

knighton Says:

Yes, food too. But really, it's just tomatoes and herbs. Add some mozzarella and we've got Insalata Caprese!