Not So Dreadful After All

May 20, 2010

First set of allergy shots completed. And the Husband formerly known as Handsome surprised me with dinner on the grill and a big glass of wine, just for being brave.

me. brave.

That's a hard thought to comprehend. Because I'm not brave. I'm afraid of the worst-case-scenario, and having been there, I know it is a very real possibility.

The memory of that incident induced stomach-churning, heart-racing anxiety that grew to nearly debilitating as the moment of truth approached.  In the afternoon, I drove to the clinic and submitted to four sets of shots, two in each arm, over the course of several hours. I came equipped with books, iPod, water, Diet Coke, power bar, and anything else I could think of to keep my mind off The Big Scary Thing.

And it worked. I got those shots and had no allergic reaction to them. And the fear and anxiety abated, at least for a little while. Hopefully, forever. Because I get to do this all again tomorrow.

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