May 18, 2010

(verb) to anticipate with great apprehension or fear.

Yep.  That's the feeling.

Scheduled my first allergy shots for tomorrow.
Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 1:30 PM.

Send love, prayers, and courage.

6 Response to "Dread"

Leah Says:

Just remember that at the end, you will be allergy free!

knighton Says:

The anticipation of end results was not enough to conquer the fear. But the experience was not as bad as expected, fortunately.

I survived, though I feel a bit like a pin cushion. And I get to do it again on Friday morning.

Leah Says:

:D Just look away. Remember what Mom taught us, "If you aren't looking, it wont hurt."

You'd be so proud of your nieces and nephews. They had a well check last Friday. All of them had to have blood drawn. ALL of them!!!
They did great. We let Melody go first, because she anticipates pain the most, then Elijah. Levi went third, then Ethan and when it came time for Sofia, she just sat in my lap.
The tech had to 'fish' for her tiny veins, but she did great. She never even cried! None of them cried.

Then we all had ice cream cones! :D

knighton Says:

Mom did good on the needle thing. They never bother me. It's just the anxiety surrounding potential, slightly-possible, could-be-severe allergic reactions to the allergy shot itself. It's illogical, really. Ah well.

Great job, kids! There was a little girl at the allergy clinic yesterday that just wailed - big, fat, liar alligator tears. Turns out she just wanted extra lollies. So thankful your children are more stoic and less spoiled!

Leah Says:

Ah, I had forgotten about your near death experience!!!

And, oh my goodness. What little pesky brats! Though, I have been in that mother's shoes before. When a child has to succomb to something that is ultimately good for them, but they fear, give them whatever it takes to shut them up! It works everytime, though they do come to expect that people will always yield to them in crisis. I suppose that's not too good, huh?

knighton Says:

LOL. According to the nurses, she does it every single time. Gets her lolly and then cries some more so she can have two. Or even three.

But, I guess if you're going to be ritually stuck with needles, voluntarily, you deserve a lolly or three.